Garden Bags

gardenbag Our garden bags are our best sellers as they're high capacity, flexible and suit the needs of many an avid gardener. Just fill them up with your clippings and other green waste, we'll come around on a designated day and collect them. Prepayment isn't required, as we can just leave an invoice for you. However, you may choose to prepay to save yourself the hassle of making payments on a regular basis. If you need more than one on a special occasion, just let us know, we'll bring you another one.

Garden Bags

  • 600 litre capacity. Ideal for larger properties, 2.5 times larger than your standard council bin.
  • Includes a steel frame so it sits neatly in your garden.
  • Suitable for garden waste such as weeds, plants, shrub prunings, grass clippings etc.
  • Please DO NOT put flax, large amounts of dirt/mud or animal droppings in your garden waste.
  • Please DO NOT over fill your Garden Bag

  • 4 Weekly

  • Garden bag and frame supplied.
  • 2 postponement allowed per year.
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Happy Clients

We wish to thank you for the excellent service you have provided over the past eight years. You have been totally reliable and we would recommend you to anyone who has a need for garden rubbish to be collected on a regular basis.

Neville Darrow