How do I know when my bag / bin will be collected?

Every time we collect from your property we leave a statement in your mail box which informs you of your next two collection dates so you always know exactly when we will be calling.

How do I pay?

You can send us a cheque, pay over the internet, or make a deposit at the bank.

Can I postpone, or skip, a scheduled collection?

Yes. 2 postponements are allowed per year for all 4 weekly customers. We do however apologize that there are No postponements allowed for 8 weekly customers.

I am concerned about the environment. What happens

All the green waste we collect is recycled and reused to help grow healthy plants and gardens.

What food waste can I put in my bin?

We accept food waste and kitchen scraps excluding fish, meat, poultry and its packaging. We offer this service where your council is not offering a food waste collection.

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Happy Clients

Thank you for your very efficient, excellent services. It is much appreciated.

Sheran Basset