Garden Bins

img1These robust wheelie bins are perfect for smaller pick ups thanks to their 240L capacity in comparison to our garden bags which take on 600L . These are easy to manouvre around your property and have a closed top to keep the rain out. Just fill your bin up and we take care of the rest. All the garden waste we collect goes off to be recycled into compost so you needn't worry about nasty landfills.

Garden Bags

  • 600 litre capacity. Ideal for larger properties, 2.5 times larger than your standard council bin.
  • Includes a steel frame so it sits neatly in your garden.
  • Suitable for garden waste such as weeds, plants, shrub prunings, grass clippings etc.
  • Please DO NOT put flax, large amounts of dirt/mud or animal droppings in your garden waste.
  • Please DO NOT over fill your Garden Bag

  • 4 Weekly

  • Garden bag and frame supplied.
  • 2 postponement allowed per year.
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